About Wolf Digital Consulting

My name is Chris Hunter and I am the president and founder of Wolf Digital Consulting which I started in 2021.  We are on a mission to improve inefficiencies and close the gap in the adoption of technology.

When it comes to scaling your business operations you need to adopt digital solutions to ensure you meet your companies goals.  Build vs buy is usually the first question companies ask themselves when it comes down to business systems.  Buying is most likely the best option, short and long term. Companies like Salesforce, Hubspot, Stripe, Oracle invest millions/billions of dollars into their software to ensure companies are successful. Utilizing their software allows you to take advantage of that investment and the updates they offer.  Building this in-house creates overhead costs and usually, the end result is technical debt as you realize the inability to scale.

When you buy, you still need to ensure your deployment and development of that solution meets the needs of your company.  More often than not these solutions solve more than one use case, and that’s why I started Wolf Digital Consulting.  To work with and ensure companies get the most out of their software stack by deploying solutions to not only solve today’s problems but scale with your company as you grow.

As a business, we focus on three key areas; Strategy, Software Transformation, and Data & Analytics.  These pillars are key to successfully adopting digital technologies.  Too often I have worked for/with companies who grew fast and never had a true strategy around their systems.  This in hand created a significant amount of technical debt and the need to hire more people to complete the simple business processes.

Why the name Wolf? We chose Wolf to be the symbol of the company as a representation of strength and family. Here at Wolf Digital Consulting, we know we are stronger when we work together, as we combine our areas of expertise to deliver the best solution to our customers.

Published by Chris Hunter

Founder of Wolf Digital Consulting, LLC. Love helping others, learning new things, and Golf. Salesforce & Boomi Certified, data nerd and integration lover

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