We help with the deployment, improvement, and adoption of digital technologies to eliminate business inefficiencies. We do this by eliminating technical debt and building a solution that scales with your business. We believe businesses are better when their data and technology work for them. At Wolf Digital Consulting, we are committed to delivering digital strategies that work so leaders can focus on pushing their business forward. Helping reach the highest levels of efficiency so businesses can run without constant change to processes is our ultimate goal.

We chose Wolf as the symbol of the company as a representation of strength and family. Here at Wolf Digital we know we are stronger when we work together, as we combine our areas of expertise to deliver the best solution to our customers.

The Founder

Chris Hunter founded Wolf Digital Consulting in 2021, he was on a mission to improve inefficiencies and close the gap in adoption of technology. He has worked with SaaS technologies since 2015, with a focus on the Salesforce ecosystem. Along the way he managed other SaaS applications, finding integrations to be a crucial element of deployments so that systems were not siloed. His main focus is solving business inefficiencies by applying technology solutions and optimizing your current stack. When Chris isn’t deep inside system architectures or data analysis, you can usually find him out on the golf course, enjoying the many outdoor hikes, parks and beaches in San Diego or being the “cool uncle” to his niece and nephew in TN.

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