Just a CRM

Last week I was in a meeting and someone said “Isn’t Salesforce just a CRM?” Salesforce started as a CRM but quickly evolved and gave users the ability to extend the platform.  The experience for internal users and external customers is crucial and Salesforce allows you to create a unified one so customers, sales users,…

Going Digital

You’re ready to start adopting a digital stack to help grow your business or replace outdated systems.  Now what? There are 100’s of thousands of applications out there so how do you know what’s the right fit?  How do you ensure it’s adopted internally? And how do you maximize your ROI?  Let’s break it down…

About Wolf Digital Consulting

My name is Chris Hunter and I am the president and founder of Wolf Digital Consulting which I started in 2021.  We are on a mission to improve inefficiencies and close the gap in the adoption of technology. When it comes to scaling your business operations you need to adopt digital solutions to ensure you…

About Me

Hi, I’m Chris. I am a technology geek, and I have implemented and managed SaaS system architectures since 2015. When I am not deep inside system architectures or data analysis, you can usually find me out on the golf course, enjoying the many outdoor hikes, parks and beaches in San Diego or being the “cool uncle” to my niece and nephew in TN.

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